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Perfect for a friends or family getaway, a birthday weekend or wedding, or just to get out of the city and work or study remotely. This unique place has every amenity you could need and operates in the most eco-conscious way possible! 

Less than an hour outside of Ottawa this breathtaking, quiet, isolated property is the ideal place to play while staying Covid safe! 

Plan your escape now to Gold Creek Getaway, the place to make memories.


Dedication to Ecotourism

Everything I do to keep this place going is done in the greenest, most cruelty/chemical free, sustainable way possible. And I am constantly researching new and better ways of operating to improve the properties carbon footprint. Below are the things done here to keep it green

– I use down alternative duvets and pillows with a few Bamboo pillows in the mix which are sustainable.

– Speaking of Bamboo, most of the sheets we use here are ecofriendly bamboo sheets which are also sustainable.

– I also provide Bamboo Qtips for my guests in the bathrooms, these Qtips are 100% biodegradable.

– Lets talk about water, the house is set up with an amazing osmosis system which filters the water and it is delicious. No need to bring bottled water or bags of ice. There is a filtered faucet on the sink and the water and ice from the fridge are also filtered. This system is a great way to cut down plastic waste

– The house’s air quality is also amazing. I have an allergen machine in the living room going all the time but there is also air purifying system throughout the house.

– I don’t buy new things unless I absolutely have to.. I am a big fan of Kijiji and scouring Marketplace for free stuff. And if it’s kinda broken I will fix and refurbish it so you would never know it was someone else’s cast-offs.

– Any services or goods we need we source locally. And I have a few staff that live in the area so we have been able to give jobs to members of the community.

– OMG the chickens… My babies:) They are so fun, don’t be shy to come check them out. I can come with a mask and walk you through visiting with them… I will be getting another 6-8 this year because the eggs sell immediately. The chickens are amazing for helping us be more green… They produce compost which I then use in the garden.. And in the summer they act as a natural parasite deterrent because they eat all the bugs! Also when I have to empty the ash out of my woodstove I put in their coop and they bath in the ashes… Its all very harmonious and beautiful… Oh yeah and finally how about the amazing blue eggs they give me everyday!! They are my little miracles:)

– All the food waste on the property is composted or fed to the chickens. They eat almost all the food waste (If you would like to know what food waste you can keep and feed them, just ask me)

– I do as much as possible to make sure we send the least amount of garbage to the landfill. Composting and feeding the chickens food waste is one great way.. All paper and cardboard is burned in the woodstove I use to heat my house. And I return all empties to the Beer store.

– I use 100% Recycled Toilet Paper and have been in love with them for years. They Company donates 50% of their profits to help build toilets in places they are hard to come across. They also wrap each roll in paper so there is no plastic waste at all yaaassssss!

– Along with our fantastic Toilet Paper every toilet at Gold Creek Getaway has a bidet that when used reduces Toilet Paper waste.. So we are getting that waste two ways:)

– When I started this venture last July I wanted to show my commitment to being green and making green choices and I needed a car… And I bought a brand Nissan Leaf which is fully EV, so no gas.. So now you know that every errand done to keep the house going and this property fully operational is done in my EV and no gas is used… Thank you, you’re welcome:) There is also an EV charger in my garage down the street if guests needed to use it.

– My cleaner and myself only use chemical free cleaning products and essential oils. All the cleaning products supplied to guests are environmentally friendly and cruelty free.

– Animal conservation is very important to me and my neighbours. With that in mind we try to discourage the of electric water craft… But I have a canoe, 2 kayaks and 2 SUP boards for you to use. Another neighbour has a pontoon boat you may be able to rent as well.

– All the wood and kindling for the campfires is sourced locally.
In the kitchen you will see lot’s beeswax wrap options so plastic wrap is not needed. Metal straws can be found in the kitchen and at the pool bar.

– All the soaps, shampoos, body wash, conditioner and dish soap are from Foodsmiths in Perth, I use reusable containers when purchasing these products and I refill smaller bottles at home. No new plastic waste is involved in providing guest with these amenities which are all organic and cruelty free.

– We grew our own veggies last year and gave what worked to the guests. Hoping this year to have a more bad ass crop and will for sure be sharing with whatever lovely guests I have at the time.

– In the summer you will see plants and flowers everywhere and yeah they look beautiful but we want to be able to give back to the local butterfly and bee communities as well..

– And speaking of Bees, I am starting our very own Bee Queendom at GoldCreekGetaway this spring… More to come on that!

– And the last new project that’s on the horizon is a rain barrel collection system that would be on my house. With this water conservation measure I will be able to use that water for my chickens and the gardens around the Bee Queendom in the back…

If you have questions on these initiatives or your own ideas don’t hesitate to reach out.

Our purpose is to provide a place for our guests to get out of the city, unplug and enjoy the resorts natural surroundings while showing respect for the environment.

Sustainability is top of mind in every aspect of the operations and every project completed on the property. Guests who are looking for more information on the initiatives and projects can contact us!

By booking your next adventure here your are supporting the local community, committing to ecotourism and investing in the future of the planet.

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